Does anybody have trouble with PI Start-up?

This is about the most awesome Trading Software (in whole industry..I mean it. seriously!! ) PI. while starting, just after loading my default Market Watch and two charts (5min and 1 hours) whole thing is getting frozen for 10 minutes. After 10min, It works fine. Does this behavior is oblivious due to heavy back-end codes and common to all users? If not, what should I do to fix this ? 

Thanks in advance 

Ankur, works find at our end, and no clients have complained about this. Do send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with your client ID. We will take you on remote and have this checked.

Do ask all Zerodha specific queries on Zconnect or directly to [email protected]

One fix which I have done is don’t keep any charts open during Pi logout/shutdown. So, when you login next to Pi, only with market watch, it will open very fast. After sometime try to load the charts, one at a time.
And preferably keep 1 or 2 charts open at any given time, also don’t put many scrips/indices in market watch, lesser the better/faster.