Does anybody know any datafeeds which can be connected to any charting software so that i can get live charts?

I’m looking for datafeeds which cost below Rs.1000 yearly. Do respoond if you know ok

yahoo / google

Hello Sir,

Looking at your questions about datafeeds, I understand that you have a limited capital for trading as you are not willing to put RS.1000 per month for the datafeed. In that case, as your capital is limited, don’t go for intraday trading. Try higher timeframe where you dont need minute livedata for your analysis and execution.

This everybody knows

hey man…don’t teach me how to trade. Better know there there are lots are data providers were i’m sure i can get Rs.1000 yearly. I main is clear just to keep the cost down. Anyway while for each contracts u have to pay brokerage + all the statutory charges. Apart from this if i go for registered ones its damn costly. I know there are dataplugins were we can feed our terminal data to any charting software.

There’s no such datafeeds which will cost less than a 1000 rupees yearly. The ones you can have are the Google or yahoo datafeeds which are actually free and they provide only end of day data’s nothing else. Any thing other than EOD is going to cost atleast 1700 rupees monthly