Does anybody trade or invest in cryptocurrencies here? How's been you experience?

I’ve very little clue about the crypto markets. I wanted to understand if anyone here has experience trading the crypto markets and how’s the experience. How is it different from trading the stock markets?


The same as stocks besides the higher volatility of course. The 24/7 market timing can get really tiring sometimes. Also no options, only futures (only one options exchange i guess and that too not mainstream-Deribit). Futures leverage can be adjusted which is quite amazing. You can go from 1-100x leverage on many exchanges. Unnecessary but just cool to see.

I assume you’re talking about just trading, not investing, cause there’s little in fundamental value to analyse about most crypto.

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Which exchange and broker do you use ?

@parthpahuja …Can we open trading account with Rupees? Can we withdraw money as and when we want?
Do we need any permission from Government to open trading account? Lastly to whom we have to contact?


No need to get permission from anyone.
It’s your decision.
You need to contact a broker or just visit their app/website.
The broker will provide more information.

24*7 market timings. Similar to EQ markets