Does anyone here keep an eye on news during market hours and trade using news?

I think alot of times it’s easier to catch spikes and get in and out within minutes with nice profit if you keep an ear on news like cnbc. Does anyone here keep an eye on news during market hours and trade using news?

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But in market before news come… stock already in action.


I don’t have good trading experience based on news.

The “so called ANALYST” comments skews up with my mind. Thereby affecting my performance.

I check the news after market hours only.

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I think if you trade blindfolded you may earn more money than you would by trading based on news.


If you are fast enough you can either trade the trend or take some time and trade the reversal.

@Vasant_Patil I don’t mean to trade by analyst calls. I mean we should trade the real news like q4 results, new service or plan launch like jio did and then bhartiartl fell.

I have different opinion on this. Because as a trader all we want is volatility and there will be high chance to catch the move rather than tracking some scrip for like 3 hours straight. Also trading is gambling there is no denying to that but you can improve your odds.

Yes Jio plan launch can be taken as a benefit of news base trading

Where did it come, which channel?

I understood you want to trade by the results or some company related news. But, you also hear those analysts calls, which gets imprinted in your mind and you cannot take a trade properly. I am not here to make quick buck.

Regarding trading based on results, most of the time the stocks reacts opposite. Suppose Reliance has posted a loss. you expect the share price to drop, but the share price rises.

All the above are my personal views.

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Analyst recommendations from channels like CNBC are not “news”. They are mostly comedy and for entertainment.

Financial and Global market news from say Reuters news feed or other reputed services are important.

Once a trader is into a trade, Stop loss and Target are most important than any other news. Therefore I use news to understand current macro narrative and trade selection and not for trade management.

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I don’t Trade on News Based 99% of times whatever news comes in public domain is already delayed and The Market makers are already aware about that news or information.

You will see a knee jerk reaction of any important news in price and Smart Traders will do nothing He/she will Just watch Becasue He/she knows it’s a Trap for Those who trade on news based.


I still remeberd Many Investors & Traders were giving Target of 50-70 for RCOM.
Many people bought RCOM and Traders bought Call options.

And we all know where is RCOM today.

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Dude I am talking about max 5 min in the trade not more than that.

Okay, for that I have a Scanner Which scan Stock in Real Time which are making.

  1. 52 week High
  2. 52 week Low
  3. Day High
  4. Day Low.

For Quick Trades I select Stocks as per the market conditions and Trade according to that.

This Trades Mostly Last for few seconds only.

I am shorting PCJEWELLER from last 3 trading session at Opening in cash Market.

Can you share that?

Totally agree …

Impossible to do two things simultaneously. Either watch the news or watch the candle.

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