Does candle of Muhurat trading have significance?

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Does the candle of Muhurat trading session has significance or are we supposed to skip it during the analysis from the next day?

It’s just a normal candle (in 1D TF). If you look at lower TF then the candle will have less significance.
But in 1D TF it will be similar to other candles.


Yes, as a swing trader, I tend to rely more on 1D Time frame. Thank you for the help…

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Yes, & no.
Yes, you can consider it as a normal day’s candle.
And NO, if you see long shadows/wicks, then its better to ignore the noise.

If you see 1D TF, then there will be no difference.
No special significance.
It’s just another candle.

It looks different only in other TF.

My view is somewhat difference.
pls see these both chart, one is D1 second one is of 5M.

In both chart the we see long wick.
In daily chart, 26 oct & 14 sep high is so higher than expected & it has touched at market open i.e. 9.15, so i ignore it & also ignore a signal which is generated from such long wick.
But some time, we see long wick in mid session like 9.30 to 3.00 then we can consider it as normal candle move.
Also i ignore any long wick seen due to freak trade even in mid session.

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Thank you @eaglem and @TradeXMaster for the help. I will look into it.

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