Does Kite ensures that no shares from holdings can be sold without TPIN Authetication (for Non-PoA a/c holders)?

I want to know if someone has shares of Particular company in their holdings and if he/she go ahead tries to sell them, then Kite doesn’t allow selling those with eDIS authentication, right? (for Non-PoA Acclunt Holders)

So one can be sure that if he/she has sold shares from his holdings and those shares got deducted from Holdings in Kite after completion of the order, he/she can be rest assured that he/she has correctly performed the eDIS authentication. Also there will not be any penalty for this transaction. ('cause mistakes like selecting wrong scrip can happen when one is in hurry to sale something).

Suppose I have shares of 4 companies in my holdings viz. A, B, C, D and I want to sell shares of company A. But while doing eDIS authentication, I wrongly select Scrip of B instead of scrip of A but failed to notice this mistake. Then if I try to sell shares of company A, then I will get eDIS authentication pop-up right, as authentication for A is not performed earlier.
I meant this part is taken care via program, right?

You might think this to be a stupid question, but this is a genuine question. Because CDSL email for OTP doesn’t mention for which scrip that eDIS authentication OTP was sent for.

Also the wording in the Zerodha Support article is as follows:
You can also authorise the sale of your stocks by clicking on “Authorisation” on the holdings page on Kite at any point of time during the day as shown in the screenshot below.

Notice the use of ‘can’…

And I am not being grammar nazi here… But one should prefer the following:
You have to authorise the sale of your stocks from holdings by clicking on “Authorisation” on the holdings page on Kite at any point of time during the day as shown in the screenshot below. If pre-sale authorization is not performed, kite will ask you to do the same.

This will remove any doubt about the TPIN authorization and convey that to sale holdings one must perform the TPIN authorization. The use of CAN suggests that there is a way to sell holdings without TPIN authorization… Is there? I hope not…

Another user raised the same question earlier here: Multiple entry Authorisation of shares edis - #3 by Sai_Maheswaran

Answer to these question should be unambiguous…

@nithin @ShubhS9

Yes, if you’ve not submitted DDPI/POA, selling shares from holdings requires CDSL TPIN Authorization. If the authorization is not provided the order will be rejected.

Yes. Since you’ve not authorized scrip A and are placing a sell order for it, you will be asked to authorize the transaction before selling, the order will not go through if you do not authorize it.

There are a couple of ways through which you can authorize the sale transaction.

  1. When you place a sell order, you will be shown a pop-up to authorize.
  2. You can authorize all holdings at once by clicking on the authorization button on the holdings page.

The can is used in this sense. However, will pass on your feedback to the team and make the necessary changes.


Thank You…
Also there is no ill-effect if someone authorize the same scrip Twice via CDSL TPIN right?
(because CDSL does not remember same-day same scrip authorizations and also doesn’t not prevent someone from authorizing twice)

No. On Kite, you can sell shares from holdings only to the extent of the quantity you hold. If you place an order more quantity than what you actually hold, it will be rejected.

No… I meant I authorize using TPIN and then sold the shares…

and then unsure about previous authorization just authorized again before 5pm…
There is no harm in authorizing twice right? Just authorizing twice… selling once…
(Sorry @ShubhS9 … and this is my last question… :grinning:)

Authorization can be done multiple times, but this has no impact. Also, this authorization is valid only for a day. So even if you don’t sell the shares, the authorization will expire and you will have to do it again the next day.

No worries :slightly_smiling_face: