Does MIS order gets squared off with a market order?!?

If I am unable to square off my positions initiated with MIS with my limit orders. Will Zerodha Square off my order using a market order! and possibly squaring it off in a LOSS ?!?

Yes ofcourse what do you expect

At 3:20 PM they have to do auto square off right?

Can’t they do that at like 3:28

No, because the pile of such open trades is huge when we consider all customers. Since it is market order it cannot be placed before. So if they start placing market orders for all open trades at 3:28 it will not be able to complete the queue by 3:30. Probably they would have bench-marked that 10 minutes is the minimum they require to clear the queue on normal days. And on days with high volatility, you would have seen messages for square off at 3Pm too.