Does one need to perform ReKYC if he updates his photo on Aadhaar?

Pretty much what title is…

Yes. You need to.

@CrownedEagle How can we change photo on Aadhar?

@Shiv_Katira You can update your Biometrics (FingerPrints/ Iris/Photograph) in Aadhaar. For Biometrics updates, you need to visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre.

Yeah, even I wish to change the photo, it looks like a xray pic of my face.

Even the updated one is unlikely to be any different in terms of quality

My updated photo came out to be worst. At that point I gave up on ever getting a decent Aadhaar photo. At least all other documents have a decent photo because I was able to upload a jpeg.