Does the Balance app get you Direct Funds or Non Direct Funds through Coin?

Does the Balance app get you Direct Funds or Non Direct Funds through Coin ?

Isn’t the Balance platform similar to Goalwise ? Except that Goalwise doesn’t have recipies. They only have SIPs. They suggest you MFs based on your goals. And I think the funds through Goalwise are Non Direct Funds.


Balance invests your money in Regular mutual funds and here’s why:
Balance is a free everyday saving app. We filter out the noise that is present in an overcrowded investment market and hand pick the ideal fund to use as a saving tool. On top of this all, we adapt around your lifestyle, we do all the dirty work associated with saving and investing, ensuring that you never do more than picking a goal and approving a save.

We believe that the services which we offer are much more valuable than the 0.1% saving you will make through investing in direct plans. The benefit would come in the form of:

  1. Habit building towards savings
  2. Automated savings around your lifestyle based on complex algorithms
  3. Your own time and effort that you save

Hey Balance, Can you share expected launch date for IOS app?

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You can certainly expect the Balance app to be available for iOS in the future, we are working on it. However, we do not have a tentative date to announce as of now.

Hopefully, you can launch by the fourth quarter of 2017. Having a gap of more than one year after android launch doesn’t make sense. Your audience should consist of all kinds of people.