Does the uploaded signature have to match with Aadhar etc


Does the Signature which Zerodha asks to upload during account creation , have to match with my aadhar , because I am using more than one signatures and would like to use the current one which is not same as Aadhar.


It has To be as Per your PAN Signature


Actually I was able to talk to a support person and he said it is ok if uploaded new signature which is different from the one in Adhar/pan.
Now I have another question , for the KYC form that I will be signing, does it have to match with uploaded new signature or should it match old sign as per Aadhar/PAN. I dont have issues signing any on paper.

I purposely dont want to put my PAN/aadhar signature as a scanned doc for personal reasons.

please advise.


As far as I know there should a single signature for the whole platform it doesn’t matter whether it is different from the documents you have provided(aadhar or pan) but all forms should have same signature. And when ever you are required to sign something for zerodha you should do same signature.