Does Traderocket fail to place order sometimes?

Hi Team and @TradeRocket ,

Does Trade Rocket fail to placed trade some times ? Kindly have a look at below snap shot. i have seen in multiple times.

Kindly tell me how to solve this problem ?


Are you talking about Streak?

Trade Rocket is having limitations. Its not fully automated in some cases. There can be various things going on in your setup.

  1. your internet is down.
  2. system is slow
  3. you have streak opened multiple places.

I would suggest you to run this in cloud and check if you have issues.

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Yes, I am using Zerodha Streak


Traderocket always except when,

  1. Your Kite session has expired(so make sure to always log into with kite web first and login into streak)
  2. Network is down when the alert comes
  3. Or when the alert cam you did not have funds, so it tries to place the order but nothing happens.

If the above cases are not happening, then it always works.

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Hi @TradeRocket,

(1) I use multiple internet to ensure connectivity . if funds are not there order will be rejected with different message, we can see in orderlog.
I might have login to streak first then kite.
Do i need to update Traderocket extension everyday to ensure execution ?