Does Zerodha coin charge 300/year apart from the monthly Rs 50 for maintaining the demat acount?

No mention of this anywhere in the site. But I got that information from here.

Please confirm.

We charge Rs.50 + Service Tax per month towards platform charge. So for 12 months, including service tax at 15%, you would be paying 57.5 * 12 = 690/-. Besides this, there is an AMC on your DEMAT account which is at Rs.300/- per year. So totally you would be paying 690 + 300 = 990/-

But please note, your DEMAT will not only safeguard your MF units, but will also safeguard and hold your shares, Bonds, ETF etc. So it is a single vault for all your assets held in electronic form. I guess 300 per year is still way cheaper than your bank locker :slight_smile:

Besides, 690/- against the MF platform is a fixed cost - against this fee you can invest any amount across any number of funds. Unlike the traditional ‘Regular MF investment’, there is no % commissions here. So your savings tend to be way higher when you invest via Coin (or any direct mutual fund) which as you may realize translates to a better return on your investment.

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I can understand the fees. The problem is there is no mention of this upfront in the site. It should be mentioned everywhere you mention the “Rs 50/month flat” catchphrase. I was arguing with a fellow member on a forum about which platform is cheaper, and only then the above link came into surface.

This is probably cheap. But you guys need to mention it directly where you say that you charge only 50/month. Otherwise, however small it may be, it is a hidden cost, which is not good.


Could you mention what are the charges on a per transaction basis? - for buying units in a fund, for changing SIP amount, for redeeming units etc.

Also, it wasn’t easy to figure out that the mutual funds I buy are kept in a demat account. Searching online, I see no benefits of doing so. One of the posts that I found simple to understand -

  1. Is there an option in Coin to not buy via demat?
  2. What do you mean by “your DEMAT will not only safeguard your MF units” . How? and what are the risks in not doing so.
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Can you please provide a comparison with an example of what Zerodha specifically, charges for a mutual fund via non direct mode? Take for example if I invest Rs 50000 today as one time investment for 10 years in Axis Long Term Equity Fund growth plan. So for comparison sake let us assume coin platform fees, service tax and AMC fees remains same so I’ll be charged Rs990*10=Rs9900 at coin platform. How much Zerodha will charges me in non direct mode in this case?

i will suggest you not to buy through platform am also digging for all the hidden charges and there seems to be many zerodha is not telling us , i will update here what all i found.
and its not 50 per month there is around 15 % service tax also making it around 57

With the GST, this is going to be much higher :frowning:

You can find a list of all our charges here, nothing is hidden and you don’t have to search for anything.