Doe's Zerodha Come with Global investing platform?

Doe’s Zerodha give the features like Global investing platform, that we can trade in Global stock from India directly. that we can increase India’s stock market Profit Ratio

Hi Bhupen, we currently do not offer investing in global markets.

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For Trading in Global Trading -

  • One cannot do Margin trading [Due to FEMA 1999]
  • Intraday is possible with Cash only and in Adherence with Free Riding Rule (free riding rule applicable only on Cash Trading)

Wish, Stock Brokers urge the New Parliament(to be formed after Lok Sabha polls) to repeal FEMA 1999.

IMHO, that would be a penny-wise pound-foolish thing to do. :rofl:

What good are gains if one’s livelihood (and all expenses surrounding it) increase relatively more?

Well, It’s is a not a foolish thing to do.

It would allow

  • Indian Stock Brokers & Traders, presence say in Global Market
  • Currently, Indian Brokers who are offering Global Trading are dependent on Global Stock Brokers (may be HDFC Securities is an exception, as they offer it via Stockal, where they have invested , as per Stockal)

Margin Trading was prohibited

  1. to preserve Forex reserves, ( at the time of Introduction in 1999) &
  2. to the huge losses that Indian Ordinarily Resident, may have to suffer in case of Losses

If Regulatory Bodies feel

  • 2nd one is still relevant
  • As 90% traders in F&O segment are incurring losses as per SEBI study : shouldn’t Retail Traders be also stopped from trading in F&O :rofl: :rofl:?

…again, all of these (and other avenues that trigger outward forex remittences) are currenlty being strongly discouraged,

  • by applying threshold-limits at the aggregate
  • and adding friction in the form of TCS on LRS at individual level.

All in the name of strengthening/stabilising the rupee at this critical juncture.

Of course.
Atleast, until one has demonstrated
suffcient knowledge of the markets or mastery of one’s finances.
But that’s a story for another thread :slight_smile:

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I am ok with stock(cash trading) at least zerodha should comes with cash market as same Zerodha Platform. next FnO will seen in future, once it get allow buy gov.

Any Books & Other recommendations to learn & Trade FNO effectively?

Doe's Zerodha Come with Global investing platform? - #6 by cvs?

It’s unlikely well Zerodha may bring up a platform to “Invset” into international markets… However, doing it in a situation where the govt itself is actively trying to “reduce” outward remittances doesn’t sound like a great idea.