Does Zerodha provide historical data for backtesting platforms?

I have developed a tool which allows users to create strategies and backtest them. It is currently using my Kite API subscription to load historical data for backtesting.


  1. Is it legal to sell this tool on subscription basis?
  2. Zerodha support says that the data received from Kite APIs is only for personal use. Is there a way to obtain this data for commercial use? (Any costs involved?)
  3. It is mentioned on Kite website that Kite APIs are free for products targeted at the mass retail audience. But the response received from [email protected] says that Zerodha doesn’t provide API for algo trading platforms. Does it mean that even backtesting and 1-click algo trading platforms are not eligible to get free kite APIs?
  4. Can the platform provide trade signals or 1-click trades based on user created strategies and still be eligible for free kite APIs?

Thanks in advance!