Does zerodha use clients funds for overnight lending?

Hi @siva I receive the equity margin as well as contract note in the morning time and not before 12.
Is the statement available on console at 10:30 to track of shortfalls?
Can you guys come up with some tech to identify if after afding funds it will show do I have any shortfall.
I am asking this because earlier in last week when I sold my shares it was showing -15 lacs in margin statement which was wrong and there are many other instances too where kite balance does not match equity margin statement in night.
Obv -15 lacs was sent to early payin but equity statement was not showing that.

@Nakul Can you.

Hey @pradeep_kalra yes, the margin statement is available for download on Console mostly by 10:30 PM. It might take a little more time sometimes when the daily trade process is delayed due to delays in receiving files from the exchange.

This is on our list of things to do and we’re working on it.

I am asking this because earlier in last week when I sold my shares it was showing -15 lacs in margin statement which was wrong and there are many other instances too where kite balance does not match equity margin statement in night.

This we are working on. The value of the stocks debited towards early payin sometimes doesn’t show up on the margin statement if the early payin data isn’t confirmed at the time of generating the margin statements. We are working on a faster way to have this process completed.


@Nakul @siva
Thanks for the reply. Everything is clear except 1 thing.
I always check my kite balance at around 9 pm in night but when I see the margin statement it shows something different.
So, for example if the balance in my kite is 2.2 lacs after account for all margin blocked, the margin statement shows something different like 1.9 lacs or maybe 2.05 lacs. I don’t get the reason behind that.

The margin blocked on Kite will be showing you the value as of 4 o clock, when the last intraday margin file is updated on Kite. The margin statement, on the other hand, uses the end of day margin file which we receive at around 5:30 PM. The values in both these files can differ a bit. The margin requirement as per the margin statement will also match with the margin requirement posted on your ledger.

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Hi @Nakul I will post a screenshot for today’s statement. I hope you will understand that the margin statement and kite balance are different even when I look at around 9 pm in night.

Look at the below pictures.
I uave clicked these pictures just right at 12 pm and my ledger balance and margin statement shows different amounts.

@siva @Nakul @nithin explain this mahn. Why are you ignoring. Are you people using funds for overnight lending to someone.

I suggest you first go through this support article on what’s the margin statement and how to interpret it.

The total available margin that shows up on your margin statement is the sum of the unencumbered balance (it’s your ledger balance after reversing the effect of all unsettled credits) + collateral margin in your account. If you’ve sold some securities on the same day, it is possible that this credit wouldn’t have been added in your margin statement as already explained before.

We won’t be able to check account specific queries without the account details. Best you create a ticket here so that that we can go through your account and give you the right response on why you see the difference.

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I have raised the same query a lot of times and I will again do it one more time and after this time I will drag this matter to court and to sebi itself if you people would say that this is due to some technical thing and would resolve it. Its not fair how the hell I am gonna know if you people are reporting correct or not. Everytine you people say that this is just because of your shit systems.

You can put ticket number here and @Nakul can check it.

below is the ticket id
TICKET ID: 20210122379663

I got daily margin statement with negative balance and I also sold stocks from holding. Before I took position in option selling (after selling stocks from holding) it was showing available cash/margin in kite way higher than margin required for selling option. But next day morning I received an email with negative margin statement.

In console under statement - net balance is double than negative balance shown in daily margin statement . Same is true for available margin/cash shown in kite …i.e it is double than negative balance shown in daily margin statement.

So my question is what should we believe available cash/margin shows in kite or that daily margin statement ? I want to figure out if I will be charged penalty or not?
Please note I am checking next day …not at 4 pm or 9 pm or any other time T day. @siva @VenuMadhav

Hi not even this. There is variation in margin on kite and even statement too and they are not even able to explain me why this has happened. I have raised a complaint with scores and will file a court case if a satisfactory response is not provided in next 15 days as suggested by my lawyer. I hope it is just a tech glitch and they are not using clients funds for some shady purpose.
@siva @nithin @Nakul
@nithin you are just a coward mahn. You don’t come up with an explanation for serious issue and always say why zerodha all shit which only fools care about.

There are millions of clients trading with us and if any issue there will be at least thousands of tweets and lots on noise on other social media and qna.
Also with new rules there is no way one client funds are used for another without getting caught, also personally I can say Zerodha is doing well as a business, being market leader any company won’t do things which put them in spot.
I think this is just some communication gap, I will arrange a call tomorrow to give you a explanation about this.

Can you give ticket number?

Don’t have ticket number but …a general question …if I sell holding for which credit will be available on T+2 day …but can I use 80% of the credit to create new option selling position (which requires margin)
I mean I can use the 80% credit but will it meet the margin requirment?

Yes, this is okay.

Please make sure because someone on phone said …you can use the 80% credit but you for margin requirement you have to wait till T+2 day …

Nothing like that, you can use it. For non order related queries I suggest to create a ticket so that trail will be there.