Double quantity trading strategy

I have seen one video and below is that strategy

Single qty buy at first 5 minutes high.

If stop loss triggered at first 5 minutes low,

Initiate new trade - double qty sell at first 5 minutes low.

If again stop loss triggered at first 5 minutes high

Next day

Three qty buy at first 5 minutes high and continue adding the qty and reverse the trade till target achieved.

Kindly provide your views.

Ye strategy rat ki nind or din ka chain khayega aur baki kuchh bacha to broker ji ke pas jayega.


Imagine it goes range bound

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Thats 80 % times stocks are actually-Sideways!!!, There is not 100% strategy its upto the person if its provide him proper Risk reward . Best is do that with 1 quantity and see the results for yourself for a month. PnL speaks for itself which no single person can answer. Just trade and see , trading is the best teacher of trading!!!

Jus paper trade or w 1 qty in live mrkt fr a mnth n update here .thoda entertainment ho jayega bored of making crores in stock mrkt
:speaking_head: Isko corona virus ho gya hai

Whole of the stock market work on one simple principle. Just One!

If making money is this easy then everybody would have been billionaires.

The returns of trading or investing are Huge for profitable investors just because they( successful traders) are few in numbers and there are many many many losers.

Suppose 100 ppl came to trading pit with $100 each.
Only 3-4 will come out successful. Rest 96 people will lose all $100*96 = 9600.
That 9600 will be in pockets of that expert 4 traders.
So on 100$ investment each one made $2400…

This is called “martingale strategy”

As wikipedia article states its a betting strategy and not trading strategy.

But basically you have wrong info about this strategy as well.

Its not 3 qt but double the previous bet.

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Thanks for the reply

There has been some research on the martingale strategy. Rarely people have lost 10+ straight trades. So you need to put a stop somewhere so you can fight another day/week.

Also if you have heard of James Cordier, some chatter on the forums say he blew up his hedge fund by option selling in Natural Gas and maybe over-leveraging with some form of Martingale. His clients lost all and actually ended up owing money.

And now when you Google his name the word “Laughing Stock” is an auto-complete suggestion. This guy btw is not a Noob. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book The Complete Guide to Option Selling

yes, algos are built around this strategy. Its a hit and miss kind useful only if the trend genuinely reversed