Doubt about OBV and moving average volume


On a 15 minute chart,

Before buying, i want to make sure the volume of the current candle is greater than average volume of the last 7 candles (15 min interval),

How do i code this in streak?




Did you try typing volume in the indicator ? You can use Moving Average Volume with period 7 its there !


Yes. But i had a doubt whether it is 7 day MAV or 7 period MAV of 15 min candle.


It should be same as whatever candle interval you selected for creating the algo. Please verify @Streak


Yes, the MAV and all the indeciatros are applied to the candle interval selected on top.
Even in chart the same thing is followed, when you see the 15min chart, applying 7 MAV is applied on 7 15min candle not 7days .