Doubt in NSE Circuit Breaker System

According to the NSE circuit breaker concept of 10%, 15% and 20%, trading should be halted if it increases to the predetermined value. But in case of a scrip SPARC, on 19th jan 2015, I found that trading was halted only after it reached to 20% at around 02:40 pm. It had also reached to 10% and 15% before 01:00 pm but i did not see any halt in the trend(price was still flucutating at that time)

Only indices have staggered halts.

All stocks are categorized under a single circuit value.

Either it will be 10% or 15% or 20% or no circuit.Under these 4 categories but any one only.

So if SPARC is a 20% circuit stock it will halt at 20%, it will not halt at 10% or 15%.

hope you understand.

Note: All stocks which are traded in F&O section does not have circuits. It means they can go any value without trading halt. Example long back STAYAMCOMP had a huge fall almost 80% in one day, because it was trading under F&O and had no circuit limit.

In common usage, circuit is often used than price band. Price band is more pronounced in options than equity or futures, which has fixed circuit like values on a day.

Price band or Daily Price Range are same and this value is non-linear for options. It means there is no fixed % for lower and upper value, but this value is calculated with a complex calculation which is non linear. This value is remodified within the day, if the CMP approached the DPR value. So in reality Price Range wont affect the normal trading in options. But in equites it will not get revised for the whole day, which leads to circuit halts.


'Circuit Breaker' and 'Price Bands' are totally different things.

'Circuit Breaker' is applied for the Indices while 'Price Bands' is applied for the equities. If a equity reaches its upper price band, trading is not halted, but rather thr will be no sellers at all as thy cannot put order above the price band.Ā It can happen also tht, sellers might return and stock might start trading within the price band before the market close. Similarly for lower price band.

Check out under wht price band the stock SPARCĀ falls onĀ the NSE website.


Where can I know the circuit value of a specific stock?

I want to add one more question Astroguruā€¦ If a stock circuit value is 10%, 15% or 20%, for how much time it would be halted?
Other than this what could be the other situations where someone fails to close his intra day position?

You can see the circuit limit on Snapquote window or market depth window. Just right click the scrip in market watch and choose the option. You can see the upper circuit limit and lower circuit limit there. If you compare yesterdays closing price, it would be either 20% etc,

Other than circuit halts, it could be possible that no sellers are avialable to buy back the stock. This happens only in illiquid stocks.

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Nice answer sdg.
Then why does the stock halts for remaining part of the day?
Even sometimes the next day too.