Dow Jones - Why the stock market plunged today

The Dow industrials tumbled more than 1,500 points at one juncture Monday, the worst intraday fall in market history.
The drop by the Dow was bad enough during most of the trading day, but the dive that happened around 2:40 p.m. ET started to resemble the 2010 flash crash at one point.

"The key thing that I think people keep in mind here is that the market moves a lot very quickly, it doesn’t mean fundamentals are changing that quickly,"

The Cboe Volatility Index VIX, +115.60% meanwhile, skyrocketed by about 118%, marking its sharpest daily rise on record.

Whenever there is a talk about increasing interest rates , this is th the collective way to blackmail the FED and the white house :joy:


why dow jones ; nasdaq ; s&p500 ; USA ; are closed but russell 2000 US is Open ? now .