DP charges and SmallCase?

I just want to know if the DP charges(Rs. 13.5+tax/script) also applies when I sell my Smallcase?

I have bought few smallcases where the number of distinct stocks at more than five, does this mean when I sell my smallcase I get charged 5*13.5+GST?

Also, does this DP charges reflect in the ledger and P&L statements, as of now I do not see these charges in the P&L statements?

DP charges appears only in the ledger.

Also, adding to this, some smallcase buys just one quantity of a stock in certain segment depending on the weightage and this means you end up paying Dp charge for that one stock.

Suppose the stock you bought in smallcase while buying is at 20rs, to make a profit you have to sell it above 35.5(20+13.5+tax) which means stock has to go up 77.5% for you to break even.

Yes, your calculation is correct but this is a microscopic investigation of DP charges. To avoid this, you’ll have to look at the larger picture of your investment plan. DP charge is charged per stock debit per day from your Demat account, regardless of your selling quantity. If you’ve bought a low cost version of a smallcase that has only a couple of stocks, then you can hold it for the long-term and avoid paying DP charges that accompany the sell trades.

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