DP Charges Difference

Does DP charge differ broker to broker?
At Zerodha it 15.93 INR if sold while it is 50 INR in Angel broking.

Yes, DP charges different with different brokers. I don’t know why but they are different.

Yes, dp charges are different with every broker because it is based on the depository involved in the transaction. I have an account with finvasia, they have registered with cdsl and charge Rs. 9 +gst per scrip as dp charges.

50 at angel broking is too high.

very very high DP charges if it is rs 50 per debit instruction.

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Is it?

Then I guess only HNIs can afford this, not retail :roll_eyes:

I think the cost of doing business is already quite high with the numerous taxes and duties that need to be paid at every transaction. We can’t negotiate with the government, so our choices are only restricted to minimizing the brokerage and DP charges.

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True :+1: