DP Charges for Mutual Fund Holdings

As Holdings of Mutual Funds in coin will be stored in Demat account, so is there any Charges for that excepting annual DP Charges of 300₹?

A subscription fee of Rs 50 PM regardless of the number of funds will be charged after your total investments cross Rs 25000.

Yes of course there is a fee of 50₹ after crossing investment of 25k, but I am asking about DP Charges as MF Holdings will be stored in Demat such as we store stocks in DP account and have a charge of 13.5₹/scrip?

The DP charges of Rs5/Transaction is charged for mutual fund holdings…which is applicable when u sell the units that you hold

If you sell stock held in Demat, there’s a charge of Rs.13.5+ST. Of this 13.5, CDSL charges 5.5 and Zerodha charges 8 for providing you the Depository services. When you sell Mutual funds, Zerodha doesn’t charge you anything, only CDSL charges of Rs.5.5 apply.


If we buy Mutual Fund directly from fund houses, is these Charges (5.5₹ DP charge/stock) are there?

When you buy directly from fund house in demat form then your DP will still charge you this. In case this is in non-demat form then there is no such charge.


Thank you so much @Roopa for detailed explanation…