DP charges from brokerage firm

Hi all, i m new to this community. I have a question.
Whether DP charges are applicable for purchase/ buying of shares also.? Because lot of recent qna tells when shares are sold from our account DP charges are applicable.
Recently on 6th October, I have bought 2 shares worth Rs. 49000 and my broker Angel broking has charged me DP charge of Rs. 531.
I think this is huge DP charge compared to whatever share purchase I have done.
Kindly help with answers.

That high DP charges are unheard of. That might be a DP Annual Maintenance Charges. Otherwise, they charge you when you sell shares from your Demat account.

Do charges are applicable only if u sell from demat. …read that days contract note for why they charge that amount

They haven’t mentioned it as annual maintenance charges. They have mentioned as dp charges only.

I have not sold the shares, as mentioned, I have purchased the shares.

Better to call them and ask.

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Yes, sure. Thank you.

Whatever that day contract note is the first place to start sir…check it thoroughly… Brokerage STT get cgst stamp duty and net rate per unit must be clear on that contract note

@deepc88 ; Charges of rs531 on value of rs49000 means huge very huge 1.08% …kindly verify how much brokerage and what are the expenses you have agreed for ? broker must show brokerage and expenses ( no.of ) separately in the contact note cum bill. DP charges are not on purchase/credit but only when shares are debited from your demat /sale , and normally do not make part of broker contract note cum bill. DP charges are charged by DP and not broker even when both belong to same house.

@sabkaview thank you for the insightful information, will call angel broking today and get detais from them.

@PS7 the said charges are AMC, but they mentioned that as DP charges in the ledger statement. Called and got confirmed as AMC. Thank you all.