DP charges if any on buy & sell of delivery on same day


Will there be any dp charges for buy and sell of delivery on the same day ?

Thanks in advance

Buying and Selling on same is considered as Intraday trade so there aren’t any DP charges levied.

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@ShubhS9 Thank you so much…Will dp charges won’t levied on buy today sell tomorrow (BTST) too ?

No DP charges on BTST.

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Thanks again

is something changed after June-2021?

I am seeing DP charges for BTST trades on my ledger.

Though I have created a ticket, just wanted to confirm.

DP charges will be applicable for BTST trades as well. We’ve explained this in detail here.

since when it got started? above thread you only said its not applicable in BTST.

Also i have seen this charges after june-2021 only in my ledger.

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