Due date in mutual fund SIP

Hope every one is doing well here.

So, recently I started a small SIP in a mutual fund, the first payment was on 10th April. And i changed the next sip payment date to 5th May. And which I pay on 5th May, but still it showing the payment is panding. Why?

So, if SIP payment was made defore 1 month gap from the previous payment, will it considered as a new SIP payment or continuation of the same?

Sip was made through groww.

In Zerodha coin, SIPs are registered on BSE star MF platform, if your platform also follows the same, then you are alloted a folio number corresponding to your investment. In coin, even if you delete and set up a new SIP in any fund of same AMC, folio number remains same. Thus there’s nothing like new sip or old sip, if your foilio no. is same, your money is going into the same basket.