Duplicate AIS entires in two Different PANs

Assume there is PAN A and PAN B with Anyone or Survivor mode of holding in Mutual Funds.

PAN A is the primary holder and PAN B is the secondary holder. PAN B was used for purchase transactions in mutual funds wherein the bank account used had PAN B + PAN A as the holders.

AIS shows purchase transactions in PAN A and PAN B leading to redundant information.

Hence while filing ITR considering the Mutual Funds will be associated with PAN A , hence for the redundant transactions in AIS of PAN B , can we ignore it and just assume that it was for reporting purpose. @Quicko

@Quicko If you could help with this

Hi @Ashish_Oswal

You can provide a feedback in the AIS of PAN B and ignore the same.

@Quicko Thanks for the reply.

Last query - Feedback is to be provided only if the member receives notice from IT dept?

Hi @Ashish_Oswal

Not necessarily. You can provide feedback before a notice from the ITD.