Dynamic Contract in Streak Unlimited

Hello team, I’m inquiring about the progress regarding the implementation of the dynamic contract feature within the Streak Unlimited package. Could you please provide an update on the timeline for its release? Additionally, I am hopeful that the live deployment limit will be augmented following the conclusion of the pilot phase or testing period.

Hi @Leonard_Simon

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Hi @Leonard_Simon @Meher_Smaran DYC is in the development process and tentative release date is in 1st week of May 24. The current limit for every user tagged to Zerodha is as below:

Backtest: Unlimited
Manual Scans: Unlimited
Strategy Deployments: (Each stock or contract is considered 1 deployment eg SBIN)
a. 15 Virtual Deployment and
b. 5 live Deployments for Strategies at any given point of time.
Scanners : ( Each Basket is considered as 1 Scanner eg: Nifty 50)
a. 5 live scanners at any given point of time.

This is the limit as of now. Rest assured, we will pass on the feedback to the product team.
Thank you for your understanding.


Hello @Streak,

I appreciate the comprehensive updates. Regarding the live deployment limit under discussion, the existing threshold of 5 may prove inadequate. Enhancing it to 100, akin to the capabilities in Streak Pro, would be highly advantageous. Alternatively, a minimum extension to 50 would be greatly beneficial.

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Leonard Simon

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Hi @Streak,

Yes, right now it is only 5 i need minimum of 50 in the unlimited access of streak so that i can deploy the strategy with 50 stocks added in it.

Also, the feature for compounding the profit amount to get added in the strategy to increase the initial capital would be great.


Hi, @Ravi_Sapare We regret to inform you that we will not be able to change the limit as of now. Rest assured, we will pass on the feedback to the product team.

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Hi @Streak, When looking at the Streak Unlimited now - it’s quiet good to use for my strategies. Great job guys! Limit I understand and its not a show stopper. One thing which I’m looking for is nested and or conditions - OR - A generic condition for Exit as a separate input field or control will be a great feature to avoid square off charges - Say Exit by 15:00. This can be a new field.

Hi @Leonard_Simon Thank you for your kind words.

  1. In the new Streak platform, ‘Matches All’ denotes ‘and’, and ‘Matches Any’ denotes ‘or’. Based on this logic, you can add multiple blocks in your scanner/strategy and create your AND and OR conditions.

You will be able to add the Block function by clicking on the “Add +” as shown below,

Refer to the image shared below to learn how to write conditions using Matched all and Matches any.

As you can see we have set the main block as Matches Any and have added two more blocks of Matches All. The above condition will take an entry if condition A satisfies or condition B & C satisfies together. Referring to the above you can create as per your requirements.

  1. If you want to avoid square-off charges and exit at 15:00, you can use the candle time function in the exit condition. To learn more about the candle time function refer to the link below:
    Indicators - Streak Help

Hope this helps. For further queries, write back to [email protected] and the team shall help you.

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@Streak - Awesome! This is what I was looking for. This really helps! Thank you!

Now I am all set with the new Streak Unlimited Platform!

Great job!

@Streak - I’m facing a new issue - For the past 2 days, the back test limit for dynamic contracts is not resetting back to 0/50. I’m unable to back test.

Dear @Leonard_Simon, We noticed that you had written an email in this regard to support of Streak, which has been responded by the team. Kindly check your mail for the response.

@Streak I am new user of streak and doing some backtesting. But unable to do that as its giving Limit reached from past 2 days. can you here

Hi @ASHISH_ARYA Kindly write back to [email protected] regarding the issue along with the Broker ID and registered E-mail address.

@Leonard_Simon Kindly write to [email protected] and the team shall check if it can assist you with the query.