Earn every day Rs. 1,000

How do I earn every day Rs. 1,000 by doing only delivery trading, not intraday trading?

What is the capital amount I need to start with ?

How can u make 1000 rupees with day trade. If u got delivery at least 8 u has to hold. On end of the week or the time u hold stock. U should wait for your 1000

It is a little bit complicated to trade delivery trading and have target in earnings. It is much easier to reach defined targets with daily trading. I cannot propose any other strategy, if your target is 1000 rupees on a daily base

Ur knowledge & emotions will decide how much u can earn.
To trade in equity initially 5 -10k is enough.
Nifty 50 stocks are preffered.
Basic 3 steps followed in trading…1) Entry at Right Price
2) target & 3) stop loss.

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