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where to find stock quarterly results quickly ? to find best website ?

Go to money control and search for the company, scroll down to financials and you will get detailed quarterly/annual/nine months results of the selected company.

madam i need fastly to catch moment in stock

dear madam any paid varsion also okay

100% Paid subscription of Moneycontrol, BloombergQuint, etc available you can try that. Also, when resources available for free on many sites, why waste money on that? (this up to you).

NSE, BSE, MC, BloombergQuint, etc provides the basic version for free, including result data and much more.

thank you sir any free version

money control is free. You just need to log in using your email - its absolutely free. Even try Trendlyn. This site is also good. But you need to log in. It is just like this site where you need to register and generate a user id and password. Free.

Money control is free, I have not paid a penny till date and been using it for long. There is a section if you wish where they provide stock recommendation etc. This is for those who subscribed. For everything else it is free. I have my portfolio setup there.

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thank you sooo much dear madam

I think the simplest way would be to go to the website of the company of which you have bought the stock of and check the investor tab - all the results and announcements would be available there .

Yes, I was mentioning this.

By looking at the Company results we can never guess if the stock will fall or rise. The stock can fall and rise irrespective of its earnings. Reading their results and comparing it with the stock action will just confuse you though.

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This won’t work with many stocks because many won’t update these things on their website. The best option is BSE, the NSE website, and looking into the stocks.

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okk sir any one can not predect stock they will prepore them self what to do what not to any ways thank you for your answer

any news chennals will proved result at fasty