Easi to Easiest upgrade rejection

Recently I tried to upgrade my CDSL easi account to easiest, but my request always got rejected, after clarifying with CDSL they told me, my depository participant/Broker (Upstox) rejected the request.
Now when I asked the Upstox customer support and straight-up said they won’t allow this without any reason.
Now my question is can they do this? isn’t there any norms regarding this issue?
The alternative they suggested was DSI slip and that process take a lot more physical paperwork, time and attract unnecessary charges.

@Pawan Can you.

Upstox is acting like a normal broker and they called them a Discounted Broker. Zerodha has a edge in every Aspect. You can open an account in zerodha and you can feel the difference. If you want i can give you refferal link.

@siva the FAQ article to upgrade to Easiest is incomplete.

It only talks about step 1. Doesn’t guide us on what to do ahead. How to proceed further in detail. I am also trying to upgrade to Easiest so that I can sell the fractional units of Liquidbees without paperwork (DIS slip method, which is time-consuming, involves cost, and has lots of hassles). My Easiest request was also rejected once.

I have raised a ticket # 20210217455050.

@mohitmehra Can you check article please.

My Easiest is now activated after seeking step-by-step guidance from Zerodha support on ticket # 20210217455050.

Regarding the FAQ article being incomplete, it should mention the following steps:-

Step 2: Choose Trusted Accounts (PIN), agree to the T&C and submit.

Step 3: Enter your trusted BOID. In my case, since I want to sell of fractional units of Liquidbees back to Nippon AMC, I added 1301240005856404 as my trusted BOID. Submit this form.


Step 4: Done. The DP would receive Easiest upgradation request and approve it. No paperwork, no document needs to be sent to DP even if the screen shows the message to do so. The DP approval process is completely online.


@mohitmehra the above steps need to be mentioned in the FAQ article.

I’d update you once I initiate the off-market transfer of the fractional units of liquidbees.


After submitting the Trusted BOID details, When it will be approved by the DP ?

@Pawan Can you please.

All new request gets approved by EOD. If you face any issue, request you to please raise a ticket so we can check and assist you further.

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I already had a CDSL Easi account. After reading the LiquidBees thread and this thread I decided to upgrade from Easi to Easiest under “Miscellaneous” tab. Added trusted BOID of the CDSL account where I want to transfer shares.

Surprisingly Zerodha’s support executive is saying they haven’t received any request for authentication at their end. It’s been 3 days already.

Just for clarity : In the “Enter your Trusted BO ID” box we should enter the BO ID of the CDSL Account to which we want to transfer the shares right ?

Not sure what’s the hang up. If somebody can help it would be great. @rupeshmandal @siva @mohitmehra @Pawan

Need your BOID to check and assist you on this, request you to please raise a ticket and share your 16 digit BOID to help you further.

Have an open Ticket # 20210622179908. Separately have messaged you the Zerodha Demat BO ID as well. Please help, thanks.