Easiest shares transfer

Hello All,

I have transfered shares using easiest from one demat to another.Transfer was perfectly fine,but avg value of shares are showing the value on date of transfer,not my original value.In this way i have lost profits.
In that case where was my profits money gone ? Why new demat is showing new avg values ? I am worried absolutely here.
Please help!

Are both Demats with Z ?
I get the fix discrepancy flag in holdings, and enter the relevant trade details.
Also remember to use FIFO.

No demats are from different brokers.

Then give complete details. We cant play guessing game.

If receiving demat is not with Z, you contact your Broker and ask them to update trade details.

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Where can your profits go? Its with you only.

The cost(purchase price) is registered in the database of new broker is derived at CMP on the transfer date.

That is also because CDSL doesn’t keeps record of your Buy Prices so when you transfer your shares to New Demat, broker recorded the CMP as purchase price.(I’m not sure whether CDSL keeps purchase data or not, but its definitely not accessible for investors)

So its just an accounting adjustment and not realisation of any profits or loss.

Latest value is reflected. You have not lost anything.

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@Tradingqna There seems to be some kind of issue from the sender side.

I have done within Zerodha cdsl transfer so in receiver holdings, there was fix discrepancy sign.
From the sending account, the buy value is still the pre-transfer amount and not sign to fix.

pls elaborate this

The value of shares before and after transfer is the same. It is just that you don’t see ur avg buy cost reflecting. How does that matter when the current price at this moment is correct?

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