Easy Payment on Zerodha Loan Against Securities

I had this conversation in another post, and wanted to start this discussion again, so attaching the conversation below for reference.

  • Is there a way to quickly pay the LAS outstanding interest every month? It’s tough to open the portal and manually pay it every time. With 2-factor auth, it’s not possible to even automate this.
  • Can I pay directly via one of the apps if UPI is supported?
    • btw UPI Mandate would be the best solution
    • I just made the interest payment, and the UPI option sends a payment request to the provided UPI ID. Can we set up a way to do this monthly at the given address? That should be enough.

LAS is impressive, but without auto debit, there will be a risk of defaulting even if the payment is tiny. I would appreciate it if we could set up auto-debit somehow. With manual payments, there will be a risk of a human missing the payments.

Yep, we’ll add a mandate option. Will keep you posted.

Thanks @Esha. Any ETA I can expect? A rough one is also fine, like 3 months, 6 months etc. I’ll plan accordingly.

Hey, sorry, missed responding to this for quite a while. There are a few roadblocks technically right now that we’re coming out of. Should take 4-5 months.