Easy way to get business loan

what is the easy way to get business loan ?

You need to provide the following to a Bank for them to evaluate approval of a business loan.

  1. Purpose of the Loan.
  2. Your estimate as to how much loan you need, tenor of the loan and repayment amount.
  3. What would be your contribution - Owners contribution towards the project.
    3a. Feasibility report of the project if it is a new project.
  4. Cash flow projections of the project for which you need a loan.
  5. Three year past audited financial statement of your company for which you need a loan.
  6. Owners profile and networth details.
  7. Security that you are willing to provide.

These are the few of the papers you need to keep it ready and thereafter approach a bank for the loan.

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That’s correct @neha1101. You have covered all the main points for sanctioning a loan.