Easy way to place SLB orders

Hi team,

Just like we have an easy way to place auction orders now, why don’t we have that for SLB orders? Currently the process is too cumbersome. We mail/create a ticket and then after a lot of time the order gets executed manually when the person responsible reads the email/ticket. Just today, I lost a good opportunity because I did not get response from the team placing the SLB orders.

Automating this flow just like auction will bring liquidity. Zerodha already takes 20% of the SLB cost, so I feel Zerodha could cover the costs of the technology with that and also as and when more people come to SLB because it was made easy.

Hi @nithin, could you please help here? Are there any technological challenges due to which we have not automated placing of SLB orders?

CC: @ShubhS9 @Meher_Smaran

Hi @yashrs

This is currently not possible for us to do. But we intend to do this in the future. We’ll keep you posted on this.

Thanks for your meticulous feedback, @yashrs :slight_smile:

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Not possible currently, but we are working on it—hopefully sometime later this year.