eCAS statement from CDSL

My email-id is already registered in CDSL, yet I do not receive eCAS monthly statements from CDSL.

I do have transactions and SIPs going on, so I should have been getting them.

I tried logging into CDSL and manually downloading, but that also shows an error as shown in the screenshot.
Also, it does not give the option for last month’s statement (like August in my case), it is showing July as shown in the screenshot.

  1. How can I get eCAS statements from CDSL?
  2. Zerodha sends “Monthly Demat Transaction with Holding Statement” emails, is that eCAS btw?

If you do not see eCAS for download upon logging into CDSL,
one possible reason could be that you have holdings in NSDL
(and can receive eCAS from NSDL).


  • one is eligible for an eCAS from ONLY one of the depositories - NSDL or CDSL,
    not from both for teh same period.
  • and it defaults to the depository one began using first, and is still active.

[Source1] [Source2]

No, that’s a different document.

BTW, One may request the depositories to switch sending the eCAS from one depository to the other.
But, from what i have seen, NSDL eCAS is wayyy better that CDSL eCAS.
(better formatting/presentation, and more comprehensive details)
So in case you happen to have NSDL eCAS, better to stick with it.

Also, note that as the name suggests, it is a consolidated statement.
So, irrespective of which depository you receive it from,
it will contain the details of your holdings from both the depositories (and MF folios).

I do not have any other Demat accounts, so NSDL shouldn’t be the case, also I tried logging into NSDL, but couldn’t, since Zerodha is registered with CDSL.


In that case, this somewhat old topic thread,
discussing the exact same scenario,
suggests to contact the Zerodha support portal.

Let’s see if anyone from Zerodha has any other recent updates on this topic.

Hey Ayush, please create a ticket at Our team will have this checked and assist.

yes, have created a ticket too :white_check_mark:

@ShubhS9 I created a ticket, but they replied I should have an account in both NSDL and CDSL for getting eCAS, that does not make sense

Hey @ak07, could you please DM me the ticket number? Will have this checked.

I got the same response as ak07 and my ticket was closed :frowning: