Edelweiss Maiden Opportunities Fund (NFO) details

Presenting Edelweiss Maiden Opportunities Fund Series 1

  1. The fund is close ended fund for 40 months. Nfo opens 2 February 2018 and closes on 16 February 2018. However the fund can announce early closure. The expectation is fund will close on 5-6 February itself.

  2. The basic advantage of investing in this fund is that the fund will buy stocks of high quality IPOs ( listed on or after 30 June 2015), such stocks have high promoter holding, high long only FII holding and low retail holding. The floating stocks remain low and hence the price rise of such stocks will remain positive. The new full name of IPO is India’s s Prospective Opportunities.

  3. The IPO Index has given 200% returns in last 3 years while the NSE 500 index has given returns of 100%.

  4. The promoter of Edelweiss Maiden Opportunities Fund Series 1 is Edelweiss Capital. The largest lead manager and underwriter of IPOs in India.

  5. The fund is available on first come first serve basis. As per market sources, the fund will be available for 2-3 days and would collect 1000-1500 crores. Need to deposit maximum applications on 31 January itself so as to avoid next time delay. The fund will announce its closure of subscription as it collects 750 crores. Restricted inflows will help the fund to outperform the multi cap index fund by at least 5% for the given period.

  6. The units are also available in demat form and the demat units will be listed on stock exchanges.

  7. The fund portfolio will consists of 30 stocks, maximum allocation to one stock 7-8% and maximum allocation to one sector 25%.

  8. The fund has 2 options growth and dividend payout. Being the fund of close ended in nature, dividend payout is good option.

  9. Disclaimer Mutual funds are subject to Market risks. Please read the offer document before investing.


it is getting opened again, but I think it is not available on coin.

The fund will be converted to an open ended scheme from 29th June onwards.

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