Effect of Trump impeachment?

While nothing is certain yet, but if Trump does get impeached, what effect will it have on the Indian Market?

In the US, impeachment doesn’t lead to removal from office. If House of Representatives(lower house of Congress ) impeaches Trump, it merely means the adoption of charges by the House, triggering a trial in the Senate. While this is possible since Republicans( Trump’s Party) are in minority in Lower House, but it progressively becomes less probable because, for removal from office, the trial must be passed by 2/3 majority against the president in the Senate. This is highly improbable since Republicans are in majority there.

Since Trump won’t vacate White House, it won’t have any major effects in world markets except little volatility.

Also, 2 US Presidents have been impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) but both didn’t vacate office as they were acquitted by Senate. So, you can gauge the high improbability of Trump vacating office before his term ends.

P.S. Richard Nixon resigned before the motion was brought. But I don’t think Trump is that kind of man to run away from confrontation. :grinning: