Ehler Fisher Indicator Showing Wrong Data

I want to buy stocks whenever Ehler Fisher indicator crosses the signal line. However the scanner results are different from what the charts show. The scanner is pulling in stocks that did not satisfy the criteria. Could you please check.

Buy when there is a crossover of Ehler Fisher as shown below

My Scanner Details:

@Streak can you.

Hi @Filmy_Prabhu

Multi timeframe completed will only check on completed candle which means it will not consider the current week data, because the current week candle has not closed. For Apollo Hospitals, the crossover took place on the 8th November candle and not on the 15th November candle.

If I run the same scanner now, I will get the following results.

And here are the chart of the results.

In all of the charts, you can see that the crossover took place at the close of 15th Nov weekly candle.

Hope this gives a better clarification.

Yes the crossover happened on 8th. But I want to enter only after the candle closes and I confirm the crossover, so on 15th I got a confirmation. My question regarding the screener is, I scanned for confirmed crossover using multi timeframe completed. But in the results, I am also able to see stocks that have already given a crossover 2-3 candles back.

Also could you please let me know if the mentioned screener is right if I want to enter the stock after getting confirmation.


The latest result for the scanner is only the 3 stocks whose charts I had attached. And there are no results that had crossed 2-3 candles back.

So the 8th November candle closed and then you got the notification. Similar for 15the November, after close, the notification went.

What do you mean by after getting confirmation?