Election results and market

Today Party “B” lost in chattisgarh and rajasthan and party “C” won the same

Despite of this today market closed in green so any reason for that?

hope for democracy, so markets cheering up.

lets see if this continues in 2019 elections.

In last 4 years Democracy had turned to Corporatocracy. Hence markets rejoicing in hope of restoration of democracy.

Even if party “A”(AAP) WINS Market will still rejoice, election is no matter for the market, history is the proof.


Market takes whatever cues it wants from elections - positive or negative - from the same result

If you want to talk about specific BJP losses, then exit polls were also BJP Losing 0-3 or 0-2.5, then wont you think market would have priced it in?

Anyways one or two day move doesnt matter, lets see until Christmas, how market takes same event going forward

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May be… Kisi bade toofaan ke pehle ki shanti ho

Market takes the path of least expectancy :smiley:

Market has its own reasons to move, but we mortals explore one after the effect…:wink: