Electric Vehicle stocks

What are the stocks which are into Electric Vehicles industry including Battery or other incillary products in which we should invest…??

Sir I would suggest you to go through a smallcase portfolio called electric mobility. It has stocks like amaraja batteries Tata power power grid and so many more.

M&M and Tata Motors are good EV stocks. M&M Has a strong drive towards sustainability and will eventually turn towards EV.

Alternatively, you can check out Smallcase, they have a tracker called “EV Tracker” which has all the stocks related to EV environment, from A to Z.

Hey Rahul,
Currently, no company is into Electric vehicles, from an execution point of view, but yes there are companies who are investing in r&d and testing the Indian market for there products in the electric vehicle industry.
At this point finding the winner - who will capture max market share, is not the best thing rather you should focus on companies who can’t fail, this will narrow down the range of winners.

I will bet on M&M as they have proven great success in launching successful products, and they are already way ahead than others in the electric vehicle market.
You can also check out the fundamental analysis report on M&M,
Link: https://finpedia.co/bin/Mahindra%20%26%20Mahindra/?language=hi_IN

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Thanks a lot to everyone.

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