Electric Vehicles (EV) Revolution is finally here ⚑

We are now finally seeing rapid changes and progress in various companies related to EVs across the world and it would be fair to say that the EV Revolution is finally here. :motor_scooter: :red_car: :zap:

Let us help each other out by using this thread to share all the latest known and unknown developments that are taking place in this most awaited and trending space.


For many EV Companies, the growth is more likely exponential in the initial period.

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EVs are here to stay. I bought a TATA Nexon EV 3 months ago. Drove around 3000 km for around Rs.3000. Beyond the obvious economics behind the EV it’s smooth, silent and zippy. With govt subsidies, prevailing low rate interest loans, tax breaks I think the EV market is going to explode.

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Excerpt from the article : The company is targeting an annual revenue run rate of $3 billion in two years and also expects to be the first EV startup to break the mould globally by going for an IPO backed by EBIDTA positive financials.

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The EV era is finally here!!

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Yes ev charging stations are coming up rapidly across the country

Growth in demand for petrol and diesel combined will likely decline to 1.5 per cent per annum this decade, compared with 4.9 per cent in the last, because of increasing blending of ethanol with petrol, and rising usage of vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and electricity (EVs), according to CRISIL …

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I personally think the EV space will surprise us all and will beat these estimates by crisil easily.