Electrosteel stock

I bought ESL Shares 200 @ 19.50, cmp is 39.95, today it’s in lower circuit, i placed sell order but it’s not executed bcz of lower circuit, and if continue to open at lower circuit daily , how can i sell this stock, please advise.

Keep sell order open whole day today

If it doesnt execute then

Tomorrow morning exactly at 9 AM in pre open session, put sell order with Limit price = Tomorrow’s Lower circuit limit price (it shud be 38.00 but that you also confirm from NSE website)

That order usually have higher priority so you can exit the trap, but again no guarantee

Let us know if you can get out of it after following the advice by Newbie420

Or you can place an AMO today with this price. It will be passed automatically at 9 AM tomorrow in preopen

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LAST TRADING day of ESL is 12 December 2018.