Elon Musk is on fire!

Elon Musk is one heck of a guy :fire: :fire: :fire:.he is not only the richest person on the planet currently but might possibly be one of the most creative, gutsy and entertaining CEOs I have ever seen. he keeps surprising us with crazy stuff almost on a daily basis now.

His latest announcement is stuff of legends.He is planning to sell his $21 billion dollar worth tesla stock based on a twitter poll.

Love him or hate him, you just cannot ignore him. any elon musk fans here?


He’s quirky for sure, but I find him too shady, his ideas range from bad to illogical. I am not saying he’s a bad guy, just my opinion.

Check this video for more info:


The guy is a freaking legend…read this piece…he is on a mission to disrupt every damn thing the he touches

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Anyone who has a decent knowledge of the stock market should realize this is all a gimmick he is pulling off.
Tell me everyone what happens when a promoter/director sells the stock of a company?
There is a good chance the stock will crash.
So Elon Musk has used twitter to tell people that he it not taking any profit and wants to sell the stocks because of a new tax law that democrats are trying to bring in that is to tax unrealized profits in tradeable assets.
So this way he is able to sell his shares without actually risking it falling in price because people might think something is going on.
This is just brilliant.
Infact the stock might go up because people would want to buy a chunk of that 21 billion dollars of stock.
He is manipulating his stock right in front of the world and nobody can do anything about it. This is just brilliant indeed but very very shady.


Elon bhaiya is back with a banger this week again

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He is busy behaving like a child. He is not a genius but he is using Twitter to prevent his stock from getting dumped while he books his gains to fulfill tax requirements

Possibly the only sensible thing he has said in years, maybe correlated to how much time he actually took to answer the question.

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