Ema crossover ...

Hi ,

Can you please help me out with AFL CODE for EMA Crossover for EMA 8 and EMA 13 and alert should be triggered for buy and sell signal during the crossover.

Buy = EMA 08 CROSSES EMA 13 from below

Sell =Ema 13 crosses EMA 08 from above

and alert should be triggered for buy and sell.

Thanks a lot in advance

Thank you for youre quick response Darshandd…BUT i wanted the Ema crossover code In AFL Language…Can you please help me on that…

you can check my reply from the similar question from this Link

Hi Sreeni,

Thank a lot for sharing your knowledge. I am a great fan you and your strategies posts here and Youtube.

I am in the markets since last 5 years and made huge losses that’s nearly 6.0 lacs.

I recently came to know about the power of technical analysis.I wan to learn Amibroker and Technical Analysis. Can you please help me where to start. I want to become full time trader for living.