Entry in Top gainers for my Strategy

I basically want an entry in the top 5 gainers in Nifty 100 at 09:20. How can I do that in Streak?

May be on 9:25 , there will be new gainers , May be on sharp 10:00 AM , the backbenchers will become first 5 frontbenchers.
What is the logic behind 9;20 ?
I am very curious to know about this strategy .

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Maybe he has an opening range strategy or a strategy based on the market movement in the first few minutes.

The strategy will only be implemented on the stocks that you select while running the backtest and deploying the strategy live. Strategy checks your entry-exit conditions and fetches buy-sell alerts as results when the conditions are met on the chart. Hence you can not filter the stocks based on specific conditions and then implement the strategy on these filtered stocks automatically. If you want to fetch stocks as a result based on the created conditions, then you will have to use the Scanner feature.

However, do note that as a workaround you can run a scanner with the desired conditions and then manually select the top gainer stocks from the scanner results to add them into a strategy directly. Refer to the below screenshots:

After sorting the stocks based on top gainers/losers you can follow the below steps:

Once you follow the instructions in the above screenshot, you can add the simple condition of “close higher than 0” to get an entry in the next candle itself. You can set the base time frame as 1 min to get the entry alerts in just 1 min. Do note that you can only add up to 50 stocks in one strategy and the steps will have to be followed manually each time you want to execute this.

agree with you bro