Epic: mother of all pranks fake cops raid company office

Bombay mein vada pav 20 rs mein nahi milta aur aap log 20 Rs mein kaam karra rahe ho!!!


Very old one

Angry man and Venu reacted and backed Nithin Sir​:joy:. They did their best to withstand against cops. And final entry of boss is hilarious. All the Police performed their best. 20 rs mein vada pav​:slight_smile:. Really it is mother of all pranks :slight_smile:

Old one watched many months back.

Wow, now random discussions have started on this forum too. :smile: :joy:

I have watched countless prank videos both indian & global , funny, Halloween, extremes, every category type.

Lets prank our beloved @nithin then. :smile:

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May be its old but for new traders it’s new…:grinning:


Youtube recommended me recently. :sweat_smile:
Spotted @Nitin, Dr. K, and @VenuMadhav I must say, handled the situation damn well. :+1:
Is that angry young man here in this forum? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@hanan there you go. This was a while back, so I don’t know if the ‘young’ still applies :grinning:


The angry young man surfaces only when the cops show up uninvited during market hours.


good to see you guys working together all these years. i think it certainly helps in the current times of wfh and remote working setup if you have worked with a team and interacted with them face to face before. when you understand and are aware of each others’ body language, temperament and sensibilities etc.

for the rest, post covid market awaits when people start going back to offices, so the commercial real estate sector, REITs would boom then.

Hilarious video :sweat_smile:
@VenuMadhav was so calm with all this, especially considering that as the COO and chief compliance officer he would have been the star of such. But perhaps because of that he knew more than anyone what bullshit allegation that was :stuck_out_tongue: And @hanan looked mean and smart like batman :upside_down_face:

@rupeshmandal I actually think work from home will become more accepted even after covid. Especially customer support/call centers, maybe even some programmers etc

We need a new prank video @nithin :wink::wink: