Equitas holdings share related

I recently heard for every 100 shares of Equitas holdings will get 226 shares of Equitas SFB shares.
I have a doubt here,

I bought just 4 shares of Equitas holdings 2 months before Equitas SFB IPO, expecting shareholder quota, but later on didn’t apply to that IPO and kept those 4 shares in my DEMAT only.
In respect to above statement, should I buy another 96 shares to be eligible or will I get 8-9 shares of Equitas SFB?
Thank you.

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I don’t see why he should be getting cash for 4 shares. Ratio of 226 shares for 100 shares is only for ease of understanding. Actual ratio for all practical purpose wound be 2.26 shares for 1 share held.
So you should get 9 shares of Equitas SFB in place f 4 shares of holding company. Plus there will be some fractional allotment which will be paid out in Cash.

So @gpsuraj you need not buy extra 96 shares just for the sake of merger. On effective date you will get 9 shares + some minor cash payout.


Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the info. :+1:t2:

last trading day of EQUITAS HOLDING will be 02.02.2023 …thereafter few weeks of no trading zone for shareholders before 231 shares of Equitas small finance bank are allotted & listed for every 100 share held .

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