Equity delivery based

Sir I want to ask a thing that is it necessary to have some amount remain in a account as idle just to fulfill the P&L which I made after buying stocks in CNC way and it make a loss?

No, not required for CNC orders.

Im new to share market. I would like to know can we buy 5 or 10 shares for Equity delivery or only we can buy for lot size

There’s no lot size to buy shares for delivery, you can buy even 1. Zerodha Varsity is a good place to learn more on the markets if you are a new entrant.

Can I buy and Sell CNC on the same day

yup brother… but u need to change the order type before exiting a trade from CNC to MIS

to do that… just go to the “postions” page and change the order type from “3 dots” in Web portal or from tapping on the specific position in android app… and select “change order type”

Yes, you can buy and sell in CNC on the same day. Buy a stock in CNC it shows in positions go to positions and hit exit and sell it.

with CNC order type I would like to know whether I can buy and sell on the same day


You can sell the CNC order type same day as well but would run the risk of short delivery. These posts on Zerodha Connect will help you learn more.

Yes, you can do the same provided they are not trade to trade category stocks.

Trade to trade stocks are not allowed to be traded intraday . If a stock is purchased, it can only be sold after the T+2 settlement happens. If you try selling the shares the same day, or before the shares are in your DEMAT account, your order will be rejected.

If you have a ‘trade to trade’ stock in your holding and you sell it, but buy it back it on the same day, the stocks will not be visible in your holdings till after the settlement (T+2 days).

The following series on NSE and BSE are trading to trade stocks:

  • ’BE’ series on NSE
  • ’BT’ series on NSE
  • ’BZ’ series on NSE
  • ’T’ group on BSE
  • ’XT’ group on BSE
  • ’Z’ group on BSE

Also, refer this article for more information on the different groups of stocks. The series in which the stock is currently trading in can be found on the NSE & Website.