Equity Delivery - Tax P&L - Cost of Acquisition & Sale of Stock

Hi Zerodha Team,

For Equity Delivery,
Does the Console Tax P&L statement factor in the ‘cost of acquisition’ and ‘cost of Sale’ of Stock ??
ie. Brokerage (0 for Equity Delivery), STT, Exchange, GST, SEBI, Stamp Duty charges incurred per Transaction.

Eg. Buy 10x100, = Rs.1000. Buy Charges = Rs.2. Total Buy Cost = Rs.1002.
Sell 10x120 = Rs.1200, Sell Charges = Rs.2. Total Sell Cost = Rs.1198.

Cap Gain Calculation -
Case A (without factoring Txn Charges) = 1200 - 1000 = Rs.200.
Case B (factoring Txn Charges) = 1198 - 1002 = Rs.196.

I suppose Case B is the correct Calculation of CG.
Please clarify.

Hello @nithin please clarify.

@mohitmehra, Can you check this.

The Tax P&L is shown on a gross basis. Using your example, if you buy at 1000 and sell at 1200. Profit is shown as INR 200 and charges are shown as INR 4. Both the figures are made available without netting so that you have the complete picture available. To calculate capital gains you can deduct all charges apart from STT. Scripwise charges are available on Console from April 1, 2019 onwards which you can use to arrive at the net figure of CG or intraday profit/loss. (Rationale behind providing both the gross figures is that they provide more information about how you’ve been trading than netted figures.)