Equity Intraday Margin query

I have started my new Zerodha Account. I want to do margin trading.Can any one please tell me how to check If I am eligible for this margin trading.Also Consider I have 1000 rs in my trading account, then how can I buy shares with Margin.
Thanks in advance for Help…

If you have a Zerodha trading account, then you are automatically eligible for margin trading in Equity. If you have also opted for F&O, then you are eligible for margin trading on F&O too.

You can execute margin trades in Equity either using MIS(Margin Intraday Squareoff) or BO/CO(Bracket order/Cover order).

To place an MIS trade on Kite, select MIS in order window, enter quantity and price and place your order. You get upto 14 times margin for intraday trades, depending on the stock. Considering maximum margin of 14x, if you have Rs.1000 in your account, then you can buy/sell shares worth Rs,14,000. This is the MIS margin list at Zerodha.

You can also place Bracket orders on Kite, where you get more margin compared to MIS because you are placing a target and stoploss while entering the order itself.


Here is a Youtube tutorial on how to place and manage a bracket order on Kite.

You can also calculate the margin required for BO trades using the BO margin calculator.

Thanks Bharat for responding…
One more small query, what if trader went in loss after margin used.Just wants to know all aspects of margin trading.

The Risk team closely monitors all leveraged intraday trades and will square-off trades that could take the client’s account to a negative value.

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I am unable to place margin order. The order got rejected and message was “exchg not enabled for this, account”.

Hi, Even I have faced the same issue,
Have you got any solution for this.

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@AADZERO, MIS/BO/CO order type should have been enabled for your account. Please contact our Support team and they will it enabled for your account if it isn’t enabled already.